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An intimate Martha’s Vineyard Wedding

Lindsey and Geoff…_MG_7929_snp_clair_newLindsey and Geoff were married on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard. My home town and all time favorite place to shoot.  I can’t say enough about the chemistry between these two.  Geoff couldn’t keep his eyes off of his new bride and I know why.  Lindsey is such a natural beauty but it’s her free spirit that lights up a room and makes her 10 times more beautiful.  I had so much fun capturing their spirit.  These two were a sure reminder why I love what I do! Thanks guys!! Enjoy the teasers. AshleyTilton_2013_LG_5_MG_6121_colorAshleyTilton_2013_LG_1AshleyTilton_2013_LG_7AshleyTilton_2013_LG_6_MG_6694_2AshleyTilton_2013_2AshleyTilton_2013_LG_9_MG_8050_MG_7892_MG_7898_MG_8099AshleyTilton_2013_LG_10_MG_7704_new

New Seabury – Mashpee, Ma – by Cape Cod Wedding Photographers Ashley Tilton and Gene Bergeron

Lindsy and Frank…_MG_2276_rl_newestLindsy and Frank were so fortunate to have such a warm group of friends and family around to help celebrate their love.  It was obvious to me how these two ended up such an easy going, fun couple.  I mean really, how many brides do you know that let their fiancé plan the whole honeymoon as a surprise! I can’t wait to see where you guys went! Here are some teasers from your magical day…Enjoy! imageAshleyTilton_2013_003_shAshleyTilton_2013_001_sh_MG_2313_rlAshleyTilton_2013_005_MG_1704 _MG_1757

Castle Hill- Newport Rhode Island Wedding Photographer

Vanessa and Michael…verticles_17Despite the weather, these two were such good sports! Vanessa was of course mad about the rain on her wedding day.  She told me as soon as it started raining but we had no time to dwell on it.  We had to rush out the door for their first look.  As soon as she saw Michael she was all smiles!  They both didn’t stop smiling the rest of the night.  These two are head over heals in love and it was so obvious that night! Wish you all the best guys!  Here’s a sneak peek.._MG_7946_sm_omg_MG_8035verticles_1_MG_7875_smverticles_13_WEB_MG_9513_NEWWEBverticles_12_WEB_MG_8684_2_WEB